Darkness into Light

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The Project

The goal of ‘Darkness into Light’ is  to immortalise tributes donated after the March 15th Mosque terrorist attacks. This  multidisciplinary collaboration aims is to make a contribution to our community by encouraging them towards considering dialogue, tolerance, inclusivity and maintaining an informed, empathetic and socially conscious society. Read more…

The Process

The Darkness into Light body of work uses a broad range of  processes as a tool for social change to develop a variety of creative outputs suitable for different audiences and cultural spaces. The processes include, documentary photography and filmmaking, fine art photography, alternative methods of photography, ink making, painting, sculpture, workshops, community engagement , publications, and exhibitions.


Working collaboratively helps create meaningful and inclusive work, where people’s beliefs and feelings are acknowledged and communicated in an authentic voice and my position within the work is openly acknowledged.


Art of Now

One year since the Christchurch Mosque attacks, New Zealand’s creatives discuss how their work in poetry, music and art can provide relief and healing to a nation in the wake of one of their darkest days. This podcast showcases the Darkness into Light project. Read More …