Photography, Documentary Filmmaking & Painting

Hans Araujo

Documentary filmmaking will be made in collaboration with Colombian TV producer and researcher Hans Araujo, who has a vast experience in research, field work and content design for various types of documentaries. Some of her work includes the collection of witness statements and personal testimonies from victims, their family members, their communities and other organisations that have been affected by the guerrilla and military violence in the remote areas of Colombia.

Janneth Gil

Janneth is creating various bodies of work that use filmmaking, photography, sculpture, collaborative practices and a broad range of related processes as a tool for social change; to develop a variety of creative outputs suitable for different audiences and cultural spaces.

Her intention as an artist is to act as something of a conduit between people and wider communities; through the process of art making to engage people in conversations and experiences that lead to a greater sense of individual and collective agency and voice.

Viv Kepes

Viv is creating a collection of painted works that represent the outpouring of love and solidarity from the Canterbury community to their Muslim community.

The flowers in her work were given by many folk who, like herself at the time, felt somehow disconnected to the affected Muslim community, but wanted to help and show their support for them. The brightness and vibrancy of the beautiful flower works in the gallery setting will be strong and surrounding, a visual representation of the strength of the words and feelings of love, empathy and that came from our Canterbury community.